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Kalt Micro Needle Holders 13cm TC

Kalt Micro Needle Holders 13cm TC

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Kalt Micro Needle Holders TC

With TC

Size: 13cm Curved

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Product Description

Kalt Micro Needle Holder

with Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Size: 13cm

Gold Plated Handle

Why Use Tungsten Carbide ????
When you have heavy demands on your surgical instruments, be it scissors, needle holders, or forceps, you should consider the benefits of the working surfaces of these instruments made out of one of the hardest alloys available.

As a rule, performing the same type of work, a tungsten carbide instrument will last up to five times longer. For instance, the cutting edges of a pair of scissors, even when used to cut the toughest tissue, will outlast the regular stainless steel pair of scissors by 5 times. Compare the extra initial cost for these instruments with the length of useful wear and you have a very cost effective solution to your instrument requirements.

The tungsten carbide inlays are either glued or welded into place. Due to the properties of the alloy very particular patterns can be achieved on its surfaces. For instance, the delicate pyramid cross pattern profile on the tungsten carbide surfaces of needle holders will hold suture needles much more securely.

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